How to Enjoy Savory Pancakes for Dinner

When you’re out of time and need something quick and kid-friendly to put on the table, enjoying savory pancakes for dinner is a great way to go. Here are some of my favorite ways to put pancakes on the table with a suppertime spin.

Consider Korean

These kimchee pancakes from the New York Times make a great appetizer or light dinner when paired with a handful of Korean vegetable side dishes. Bonus? They look dirt cheap to make.

If you’d like a bit more protein, these Korean pancakes made with mung beans might be just the ticket. They include shredded carrot for extra nutrition and have an authentic flavor and feel.

Back to Basics

If cornbread speaks to your heart when it comes to food preferences, then these cornmeal crepes with ricotta and ham are likely to be a hit. Served with a corn kernel and scallion side dish, they bring a bit of flair to an otherwise homespun flavor pairing. (See also this recipe resource for cornmeal.)

It’s hard to get more basic than hearty Hungarian fare. That’s the case with this recipe for palacsinta, which is a traditional Hungarian pancake suitable for serving at the dinner hour.

Keep it Savory

You’re having them for dinner, remember? Keeping things on the savory side will help ensure you make them for dinner more often, thus saving even more money. These simple, savory pancakes pair basic batter with a variety of vegetables, such as onions and spinach.

Eastern European food has a tendency to stick to your ribs, just like these Czech potato pancakes known as Bramboracky. Pair them with a green vegetable, a bean-based side dish and your condiment of choice.

Go Gluten Free

With more and more people trying to eliminate gluten from their diet these days, it pays to have a few pancake ideas up your sleeve. These pancakes from use flour made from chick peas and include bits of veggies such as chopped mushrooms, scallions, spinach and more.

Additionally, this recipe for gluten-free buckwheat crepes from Book of Yum definitely appears suitable for dinner. Stuffed with a mushroom filling, it’s a hearty addition to any evening meal and would work well paired with a mixed green salad.

Step Outside the Box

I have to hand it to the Boston Sports Woman. These savory, sweet potato pancakes (scroll down) are definitely different and use a high-nutrient food in a fresh and unexpected way. I’d love to try these with some sautéed Swiss chard and perhaps a mushroom gravy.

Speaking of unusual, this recipe for buckwheat-beet blini with lentil caviar provides a colorful and gutsy addition to any dinner party, whether you are using them as an appetizer or part of the main event. I might try them with savory-seasoned brown lentils and a vegan horseradish sauce.

Veg Things Up

While several of the suggestions above do include vegetables as part of the savory pancakes for dinner strategy, I ran across a few others that make it a point to take veggies center stage. This list of savory pancake ideas from the Vegetarian Resource Journal includes such items as tomatoes, garlic, millet, wild mushrooms, carrots and more for those interested in exploring pancakes for dinner on regular basis.

Hoping to keep things a bit more basic? These vegetable pancakes use a variety of summer vegetables combined with basic batter to produce tasty, fun and savory pancakes for dinner that even rural folks without access to a specialty grocery can enjoy.

Get Zany with Zucchini

If you’re a gardener or live anywhere near one, then you know that zucchini is exceptionally abundant in the summer months. These zucchini dinner pancakes are a fun alternative to the typical sweetbread solution, and can be made using homemade baking mix to keep the cost to a minimum.

Hoping for something heartier? These gluten-free buckwheat zucchini pancakes incorporate mashed potato as well, making them a meal unto themselves. The recipe comes from the book The Indian Vegan Kitchen.

Go International

If the Korean ideas listed above appeal to you, then try a few savory pancakes from other parts of the world. These mung bean crepes made with soaked and blended mung beans and rice form a complete protein right in the pancakes themselves! This makes them perfect for dunking and dipping with nearly anything you choose. Although, since they are Indian you might want to choose an appropriate chutney or lentil dish to keep things authentic.

Need more noodles in your life? These Asian-inspired rice noodle pancakes with veggie topping are sure to spice things up, particularly if you’re looking for a fun, pre-dinner snack.

Keep it Classic

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a more traditional recipe when planning to enjoy savory pancakes for dinner. These oatmeal pancakes can be enjoyed plain, or with the topping sauce suggested in the recipe pairing.

Feeling short on creativity? Go with your family’s favorite, basic pancake recipe and top with a savory sauce or gravy. It might not be the most exotic way to go, but dinner will get served and bellies will be full when all is said and done.

How often does your family enjoy savory pancakes for dinner? Do you have a favorite recipe or food pairing you’d like to share?

Photo Credit: Moriza

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