25 Plus Uses for Lavender

Whether you have recently visited a lavender farm for the first time, or seen a friend get crafty with homemade lavender oil, chances are you’re here because you’re interested in exploring the many and varied uses for lavender. And the uses are varied indeed. From linen spray to doggie deodorant and bath salts to biscotti, here are 25 plus uses for lavender.

1. Make your own lavender room spray.

Love to spritz your sheets or give an aroma boost to your linen closet? Me too, although spending big bucks on a brand-name home fragrance product isn’t high on my list of priorities. That’s why I was thrilled to find this recipe for lavender linen spray from Apartment Therapy. It fits right in with my list of favorite ways to save money in every room of the house.

2. Craft lavender sachets as gifts.

I’m always on the lookout for great hostess gifts, and crafting aromatic items to store with intimate clothing items allows you to give a gift that keeps on giving for months. Tip Nut has a list of lavender sachet ideas suitable for the craft capable.

3. Whip up some bath salts.

If you’re looking for some eco-friendly gift options suitable for an at-home spa bathroom, consider whipping up some homemade, lavender-scented bath salts. You can use them yourself, set them aside to stock the guest bath or even package them up as DIY presents.  Depending on the decor of the room they are intended for, you can store them in rustic canning jars, a vintage tin or a sealed gift bag normally used for food gifts.

4. Consider a gentle, homemade lavender facial scrub.

Looking to save money on skin care? This homemade lavender facial cleanser from the folks at Saving Naturally is a great place to start. Bonus? You’ll smell fantastic and still be able to keep a few of those mosquitoes at bay.

5. Make an all-natural doggie deodorant.

Is Fifi starting to smell foul? Try this simple lavender dog fur deodorant made with lavender oil and baking soda. It can help reduce odor in between baths. I’ve also used lavender oil in my dog’s liquid shampoo. She smelled fantastic afterward, and repelled fleas naturally. It’s one of my favorite uses for lavender because it allows me to care for my pet in a way that’s all natural and nontoxic. (See also: 10 of My Favorite Pet Hacks )

6. Calming Lavender dog collar.

Trying to figure out how to handle a high-strung pooch? If you’re the DIY type, you might want to try this homemade calming dog collar made with lavender. You’ll definitely need a sewing machine to pull this off, but it certainly looks like a fun idea for a holiday canine present or to give to someone who’s recently adopted a four-legged friend.

7. Season some sugar.

If you like to get adventurous with your meal planning and baked goods, then you might try your hand at flavoring some sugar with lavender. You can use it to make dessert frosting, condiment sauces and even to sweeten a basic flavor of tea.

8. Bake some biscotti.

Biscotti is one of those basic gourmet treats that’s relatively inexpensive to prepare and makes an elegant statement for not very much money. In fact, I’ve never understood why more people don’t make it on a regular basis. It’s relatively low fuss as baked goods go, uses very little sugar and pairs nicely with tea or coffee from breakfast time through to a late night’s dinner. This recipe for lavender biscotti keeps things fresh for spring, and works well for wedding showers and other special occasions.

9. Create your own herbes de Provence mixture.

This seasoning blend is a popular go-to item for those exploring French cooking. It works well in soups, sauces and a variety of other homemade yummies. Why pay more if you don’t have to? Try this DIY herbes to Provence mixture at home or to give as item in homemade gourmet gift baskets.

10. Mix up a refreshing summer beverage.

I’m always open to different beverages during the warmer months, as it can get a bit boring to drink water all the time. This recipe for lavender-strawberry spritzers is both unusual and wholesome. Pair it with flavored cream cheese finger sandwiches, a crisp salad or a simple glazed bundt cake.

11. Bake a decadent shortbread.

While certainly rich, shortbread has an extremely mild flavor that pairs well with a variety of things. This buttery lavender shortbread is one such example. Suitable for a party or brunch gathering, you can make up for the calories by serving it with hot or cold tea.

12. Create a cocktail.

If the idea of surprising your guests with an unusual signature cocktail appeals to you, try throwing a lavender martini into the party mix. Pair them with simple finger foods such as chicken-nut puffs before an evening with friends at the theater.

13. Lather on some lavender butter.

If you want to add a bit of lavender into the mix but don’t have time to mix up something unique from scratch, mix up a simple lavender butter by mixing the two ingredients together. You can slather some on some fresh biscuits and serve with lemonade for an afternoon snack.

14. Lovely lavender frosting.

If you have a simple white, yellow or lemon cake and need a fresh idea for frosting, you can try this recipe for lavender frosting from the folks at Tasty Kitchen.

15. Learn to make lavender pound cake.

Pound cake is always perfect for last-minute gatherings, and this lavender pound cake is no exception. Slice some up to serve alongside a coffee bar and include some fresh fruit as well for a simple business breakfast on the fly.

16. Lavender scones.

Over the years, I’ve really learned to love scones. They provide a tasty treat with far fewer calories than cookies or cupcakes, and can even be crafted in savory varieties when the situation demands it. These lavender scones bring a bit of herbal adventure to the tea table, and are relatively affordable to make.

17. Lavender syrup.

Looking to craft some unique cocktails or tea sweeteners? Try making a lavender-flavored simple syrup. You can keep it on hand for a week or so in your fridge, making it something you can easily whip up in advance for a weekend event.

18. Victorian lavender cookies.

Looking to fancy things up a bit? Try these Victorian lavender cookies on a silver serving tray and consider decorating your food area with plenty of lace doilies and roses. Victorian style is a great theme for girly get-togethers and Mommy-and-me parties where you want something posh but still need to pinch pennies.

19. Strawberries with rustic lavender biscuits.

Spruce up your strawberry shortcake by pairing sliced strawberries with some rustic, herbed lavender biscuits. Add a dollop of whipped cream and serve with an iced latte for a fun summer dessert after a casual dinner.

20. Jazz up your lotion.

This is another one of my favorite uses for lavender. If you don’t feel like making your own homemade lotion from scratch, simply add your favorite lavender oil to a basic, fragrance-free body lotion for an easy spa upgrade. (See also: Ten Beauty Products You Can Make at Home)

21. Do some housecleaning.

Lavender oil makes a great addition to homemade cleaning products, and leaves the cleaned surface smelling fragrant and fresh. This vinegar and lavender cleaning spray from Crunchy Betty is a great place to start if you are trying to save money on this sort of thing.

22. Infuse a few of your spirits.

Lavender may be on my most people’s radar as a delicate herb, but it can certainly hold its own when it comes to infusing stronger spirits. Lavender-infused gin is a fun way to create new party drinks, as is a basic lavender vodka. Get creative with your mixers, and your guests will constantly be surprised.

23. Sneak some into your salad.

For those who prefer lighter fare, sneaking some lavender into your salad may be a better alternative than a string of sweet treats. This lavender salad dressing is one alternative, and can be added to whatever salad recipe you end up putting on your plate. If greens don’t quite suit your mood, this lavender-peach quinoa salad might be just the ticket.

24. Lavender jelly.

This lavender jelly would be fun with some brie on a baked cracker or slice of homemade toast for a rustic breakfast treat reminiscent of the French countryside. It’s also a nice substitute for a biscuit condiment when butter would sabotage your plans to go dairy free.

25. Pair it with pork.

Ready to get a bit gutsy with your herbal efforts? Trying these unusual savory lavender pork chops for dinner along with rustic Spanish potatoes and mixed green salad with grilled mushrooms.

26. Lap up some lavender lemonade.

Another fresh beverage option for warmer weather is lavender lemonade. Since lavender and lemon pair well together anyway, this thirst quencher just makes good sense. I think this would be fun paired with a spinach-feta quiche or a dip made with chick peas.

These are by no means all of the uses for lavender, but they do represent a fairly wide sampling for those wishing to explore the use of this herb at home. What are your favorite uses for lavender? Do you prefer food recipes or using the herb for homemade spa and pet products?

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