Dairy-Free Nogs for the Holidays

From November through New Yearís, eggnog makes the short list of holiday drinks for many house parties and office gatherings. My mother always made eggnog milkshakes for Christmas Eve, and the flavor has always been one of my favorites. †So what do you do when dairy becomes an issue?

Many families deal with dairy-free issues when a child has milk allergies, they begin going vegan or someone develops lactose intolerance. During the winter holidays, this can cause people to search desperately for dairy-free versions of their favorite specialty recipes, including vegan eggnog. Here are three of my favorite dairy-free nogs for the holiday season.

Silkís Soy Nog:

The brand of vegan eggnog I typically purchase is Silk. Itís a reasonably comparable eggnog alternative, and mixes well enough with rum, provided you donít go too heavy with the alcohol. If you do, the soy nog begins to separate a bit. Still, it was the first alternative on the market as far as I know, and the company makes a couple of other fun flavors as well, including pumpkin spice and chocolate mint.

So Delicious Coconut Nog:

I actually just saw this for the first time today when I was shopping at Whole Foods. I buy So Delicious coconut milk in the half-gallon carton quite often, and have enjoyed their coffee creamers a time or two. While those products are all available at one of the grocery stores near our home, Iíve never seen the brandís holiday nog on the shelves. So I tossed a one-quart carton in the cart and brought it home to test drive as an after dinner treat.

To be honest, this is a bit richer than the soy nog by Silk, although itís a bit heavier on the coconut flavor which took me by surprise since their plain milk product doesnít have that flavor to it at all and only serves as a thicker milk alternative for chowders, baking and morning cereal. That being said, itís quite tasty and would be excellent for a tropical Christmas gathering.

Homemade Vegan Eggnog:

I wonít trouble you with a detailed listing and ranking of the various vegan eggnog recipes out there on the net, but I will point to three that made the top of my list to try. This matrioshka eggnog from the vegan site Post Punk Kitchen is unusual in its ingredient list, but anything Isa puts out usually meets my vegan standards for flavor, so Iím willing to give it a go. For those who go the extra vegan mile to participate in raw nutrition, this raw vegan eggnog from the folks at Healthy Blender Recipes is a great place to start for a bit of winter holiday decadence. Finally, this fat-free vegan eggnog uses frozen bananas to recreate a milkshake-like version of my childhood favorite. So of course, it made the final cut for this article.

So nog fans, what are your favorite dairy-free alternatives for the winter holidays? Have you experienced a brand I havenít? Do you have another recipe you feel needs to be shared? Feel free to participate in the discussion section below!

Photo Credit: Dimitri N.

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