Product Review: Graycliff Chocolate

The charmingly elegant Graycliff hotel in Nassau has launched its own line of luxury chocolate, which will soon be produced on site, adding a new jewel to the venue’s heavily adorned culinary crown. On a recent visit to this Bahamian treasure, I was able to sample a couple of items from the product line.

First, the chocolate-covered pineapple pieces. As someone who adores pineapple recipes of any sort, I was intrigued before I even opened the box. These had an interesting full flavor and weren’t particularly overpowered by the pineapple pieces, which surprised me. I think it’s because the pineapple itself is so heavily saturated with the chocolate flavor that it simply serves to “lighten up” the individual candy pieces. All in all, an elegant treat to serve with an after dinner coffee.

Second, their dark chocolate bar. While this was certainly fun to snack on, where I really think it could shine would be in a higher-end homemade chocolate chunk cookie. Because the chocolate is of such high caliber, using it in such a traditional recipe would elevate the treat to the level where I’d feel comfortable giving it as a hostess gift.

Clearly, the company has taken as much care with its chocolate line as it has with its cigar brand and culinary efforts. Personally, I look forward to touring their Bahamian chocolate factory when it reaches completion.

Photo Credit: Graycliff

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