Product Review: Orchard Bars

When it comes to finding simple ways to survive vegan travel successfully, a good power bar will take you a long way.

And while price point and calorie count may keep you from using them for every meal on travel day, having a trusted brand or two to tuck into your daypack for unexpected scheduling delays just makes good sense. So when the Orchard Bar folks sent me some product samples to review, I was interested to see how this particular brand of power bar would compare to others we have leaned on as vegan snacks for our travel needs.†

First, the Pineapple-Coconut and Macadamia Orchard Bar. This was probably my favorite. Iím a sucker for anything with pineapple in it, and the tropical flavor was a surprising twist on the traditional power bar experience.

The second Orchard Bar in the sample was the Strawberry-Raspberry and Walnut flavor. This one was also quite tasty, and has the added perk of being 60 percent organic. Apparently, they were able to find more organic options for this particular ingredient list.

The blueberry-pomegranate and almond Orchard Bar was the last one in the sample package. The blueberry flavor sort of out out-powered the pomegranate a bit, but it was still berry flavorful and fun to sample with a morning cup of coffee.

All of the Orchard Bars are gluten free, dairy free, non GMO and contain no preservatives. From a personal budget standpoint, I find these more than workable for travel or the occasional long day at work. And as I said, those pineapple-coconut and macadamia ones are dangerously close to being addictive to me.

I donít think Iíd dish out to put one Orchard Bar in the lunch box of every child in the house if I were a parent, or even in my own take-to-work lunch if I were doing the traditional employment thing again. I would however, consider keeping an emergency case of them in a desk drawer for those times when things got too busy to make a sandwich or pack some fruit and nuts.

Final Verdict: Orchard Bars are a nice healthy snack you can feel confident about purchasing, but one that you need to budget for accordingly.

Photo Credit: Amazon

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