The Flip and Tumble Hooknook: A Fun New Holiday Gift for College Students and Modern Design Fans

The folks over at Flip and Tumble have turned their mod design mojo from shopping bags to tchotchke storage with an interesting new product called a hooknook.

In short, itís a coat and purse peg thatís roughly the diameter of mid-sized plumbing pipe. Where it differs however is in the wall-attachment capabilities and the back-slanted opening that allows you easy access to grab-and-go items like keys, Bluetooth headset or an iPod nano from the curved bottom portion of the hooknook.

Of course, there are more design considerations included with the hooknook product, including the rounded edges and mod selection of colors. The sample I was sent to review was a shade of taupe, but there are others available. I would recommend this product to a few different audiences.

  • First, fans of modern, minimalist design who would particularly enjoy seamless wall storage over cluttered counters or drawers.
  • Second, college students who are constantly in and out of dorm rooms and needing to grab cafeteria meal cards, ID cards and room keys. This crowd is typically short on space and furniture, so having a device like this would go a long way towards eliminating clutter and providing a consistent spot to store those frequently-needed items.
  • Finally, teenagers who are beginning to gain a bit more independence with regards to driving and employment. If they each have their own fuss-free space† to hang and store coats, messenger bags, keys and other related items, theyíll be better prepared to meet the increased demands that come with this stage of adulthood.

Since weíve pretty much arrived at the holiday season, Iíll toss out there that if this product appeals to you or looks like something a college student in your life might enjoy, then youíve got yourself an extremely affordable gift. The fact that the hooknook is also functional is an added bonus.

The folks at Flip and Tumble also make fun, hacky-sack style foldable fabric shopping bags that I love. I get compliments on my splashy lime green one whenever I dig it out at the cash register, and it fits easily back into a pocket, purse or daypack.

Have you had a chance to try out any of their products? What were your impressions?

Photo Credit: Flip and Tumble

Editorís Note: This article contains affiliate links.

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