Sassy and Simple Split Pea Recipes

A good collection of split pea recipes goes a long way towards supporting a menu plan of cheap food thatís also hearty and nutritious. If you think soup is the only option at your disposal, think again. These fun split pea recipes take this legume out of the boring box and bring it center stage.

Split Pea Fritters

Thereís more to be made with split peas than soup, as these split pea fritters from Canadian Living magazine demonstrate. Fun with a yogurt sauce like tzatziki or other decadent dipping medium, these fritters are vegan party food that will stick to your ribs.

Caribbean Roti

Looking for a hearty, protein-rich flat cake? Try adding this Caribbean Roti to your repertoire of split pea recipes. Pair it with a batch of pigeon peas and coconut rice or other tasty and spicy Caribbean food recipe for a tropical twist at your next dinner party.

Greek-Inspired Split Pea Dip

If youíre a fan of Mediterranean food, then this Greek-inspired split pea puree from the New York Times should spark your party-throwing creativity. Serve with wedges of pita bread, chopped red onion and a drizzle of olive oil for a simple and healthy happy hour at home.

Split Pea Falafel

A long-popular street food in the Middle East, falafel is now enjoying a near cult food status in the United States as well. The issue most people have with making their own at home is the length of time required to soak and prepare the chick peas, since falafel is typically considered convenient fast food. This recipe for soak-and-mash split pea falafel removes that obstacle and puts falafel back on the frugal family food table.

Curried Split Pea Burgers

If youíre new to the process of going vegan, then having a few recipes for vegan patties and veggie burgers in your repertoire will help as you try to plan meals that are meat free yet familiar. The curried split pea burger recipe featured in the cookbook, The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet is simple, affordable and relatively simple to prepare.

Vegan Split Pea Soup

My list of split pea recipes includes this meatless soup that makes a great addition to any plant-based diet. Leave out the ham and toss in a few shakes of Liquid Smoke instead for a fat-free vegan split pea soup thatís large on flavor and small on calorie count.

Lebanese Split Pea Salad

This recipe for yellow split pea salad from Taste of Beirut brings the flavor of Lebanese cooking to home chefs on a budget. With a little yogurt mixed in, this makes a tasty lunch treat served in purple cabbage cups or perhaps inside some organic romaine lettuce wraps.

Create a Coconut Ė Flavored Dessert Pudding

OK. Iíll admit it. This one surprised me a bit. But this coconut and split pea pudding makes split pea recipes almost sexy. And what a way to work in a little extra protein and fiber to a meal item most people consider a nutritional afterthought.

Make Healthier Rangoons for Your Next Party

Mixing in some mashed split peas with the cream cheese and crab meat before you stuff your wonton appetizers reduces the overall calorie count and adds a fair bit of fiber. Running Foodie shows you how with this recipe for split pea and crab rangoons.

Curried Split Peas

Fun and full-flavored ethnic foods are one of the coolest things about exploring the world of vegan food, which is why your list of split pea recipes should include this curried split pea dish from Womanís Day magazine that can be paired with fresh organic baby spinach.

Keep it Classic with Old-Fashioned Split Pea Soup

Perfect for using up leftover ham, a good old-fashioned split pea soup is fantastic on a cold day and perfect for stretching out the pennies in between grocery runs before pay day. Toss in a few diced potatoes for extra stick-to-your-ribs goodness.

This list of split pea recipes clearly demonstrates that an affordably-filling vegan transition is indeed possible. Split peas are a powerful item to include on your organic vegan grocery list or any grocery list where this type of legume is desired.

Photo Credit: Kudumomo

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