Product Review: Annie Chunís Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Having recently launched a quest to research vegan snacks suitable for road trips, I was excited to receive some test samples of Annie Chunís roasted seaweed snacks. The process of vegan travel can be a bit overwhelming even if youíre prepared, so having some standby snacks in your food repertoire is a good idea.

These snacks are available in spicy wasabi and sesame flavors, and are part of the companyís all-natural Asian food product line. First, I should emphasize the fact that these are a full-on seaweed experience. So if nori wraps and homemade sushi rolls arenít already on your list of faves, these snacks might not be for you. Sea vegetables arenít for everyone, and thatís OK.

All that being said, hereís how the seaweed favoritism breaks down at our house: My husband is ALL OVER the stuff. He lived in Korea and Japan for years, loves sushi like itís the greatest thing since sliced bread and misses those exotic Asian street food snacks tremendously. Me? I like seaweed OK and have been trying to incorporate more of it into our diet due to the health benefits, but have to be in the mood for it. Fortunately I was open to the experience when the wasabi and sesame samples of the seaweed snacks arrived, but I dragged my husband into the process in the interest of fairness.


If the full, unseasoned flavor of seaweed is too overwhelming for you but you donít mind it thrown into your soups or wrapped around some rice, then these flavored snacks will appeal to you. Itís also roasted, which does something similar to the nori that it does for kale chips, for example. These seaweed snacks are also free of preservatives and MSG, and have a short and pronounceable ingredient list, making their inclusion in an all-natural food product line a reasonable decision in my opinion.


If you wait until youíre starving and are someone who typically relies on heartier vegan fare to ward off the hunger pains, you should know that these are light, thin squares of roasted seaweed sheets and not something youíll actually be sinking your teeth into. Now, with the high nutrient density of seaweed if you snack on these when you begin to notice you feel like noshing, then all will be well. Polish them off with some water and a breath mint, and youíll be ready to handle airport delays and traffic jams like a pro.

My only request would be greater consideration in their packaging choices, as these snacks have an extra layer of plastic packaging on the inside that Iím not sure is necessary. Now, it does ensure that the snack squares remain upright and in picture-perfect condition, but Iím wondering if thereís a way to either pack them flat or use materials that are biodegradable. Aside from that, purchasing these seaweed snacks from Amazon in bulk seems affordable enough as a way to prepare for family road trips, and convenient healthy road trip snacks are tough to come by, so I give the company full props for that and for finding a way to make sea vegetables fun.

Image Credit: Amazon

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