Book Review: The Tipsy Vegan

John Schlimmís new book The Tipsy Vegan, released this month is a fun-loving look at a number of ways you can incorporate vegan food to throw the perfect party.

When I requested the review copy, I expected The Tipsy Vegan to be a resource for vegan cocktails exclusively. Instead, it turned out to be a resource that includes a wide variety of boozy party food. Vodka salsa, boozy bruschetta and tequila guacamole are just a few of the vegan recipes that caught my eye. Not to mention the panko-fried avocado appetizer.

Schlimm even included some boozy sorbet recipes and fun tip for vegan coconut gel shots to incorporate at your next tropical-themed backyard barbecue.

Final Verdict: While certainly a fine addition to any collection of vegan cookbooks, I think The Tipsy Vegan would make a perfect gift for those who are new to the lifestyle. The process of going vegan can be completely overwhelming, and many people stop trying when they begin to feel like food will no longer be fun again. The truth is, there is plenty of fun to be had on the vegan food front and The Tipsy Vegan provides written proof of that fact.

Image Credit: De Capo Press

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