Ferrarelle: A Fun New Sparkling Water for the Holidays

Iíve been receiving so many fun products to try out for the holidays here at We Be Shariní headquarters, itís been difficult to keep up. One of these fun products is Ferrarelle, a natural sparkling water from Italy.

Those of you who read my material on a regular basis know that Iím not a big purchaser of bottled water. That being said, itís also no secret that I am ALL about sangria and spritzers when it comes to fleshing out boxed wine in style. I also like to have sparkling beverages available when I entertain. Whether thatís individual servings or a large bottle to pour as I would wine, I just feel that thereís nothing like a few bubbles to bring a bit of festivity to any occasion.

So when the folks at Ferrarelle forwarded a sample of their effervescent beverage, I was totally down for a review. Particularly when I learned that the bubbles in this particular brand of fine water are formed naturally in the ground rather than added in like so many other brands.

The pairing:

Spinach tortellini with peppers, portabellas, sundried tomatoes and shaved pecorino Romano.

The impression:

Light, fresh and notably less salty than other typical soda waters. For party throwers specifically, itís also fun to have something that comes from Italy if youíre planning your menu around that countryís cuisine.

Serving suggestions:

Iíd recommend going with a formal crystal water goblet if youíre serving this with a meal and using your fine china to further formalize the event. If youíre going towards using it as a non-alcoholic beverage option at a happy hour event however, then any cocktail glass with a wedge of lime will do. Donít forget the ice!

Photo Credit: Ferrarelle

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