Orange Cashew Cream Sauce

This recipe from the book Color Me Vegan was shown paired with colorful veggie wraps that used nori sheets instead of tortillas. With only three ingredients and a blender required, itís made my short list for quick and easy party sauces.

What you need:

1 cup of raw cashews, Ĺ – ĺ cup fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1 Ė 2 tablespoons of tamari.

What you do:

Add all three ingredients to the blender and process until creamy. Thatís it! Can you believe how easy it is? To make cleanup even simpler, Iíd recommend using upside down narrow-mouth canning jars to process batches of this yummy vegan sauce. That way, youíll only need to clean the base and blade, while having the sauce already in a storage container and ready to seal after processing. Iím always on the lookout for sandwich ideas, and when I find a tasty one I can use with vegan sandwiches itís even more exciting.


While Colleen Patrick-Goudreau successfully pairs this dairy-free sauce with veggie-stuffed nori wraps, Iíd like to see it center stage as a veggie dip, paired with a stir fry or even slightly thinned out as a summer salad dressing.

Photo Credit: Start Cooking

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