Cookbook Review: Color Me Vegan

Ever wonder how to work in more of those colorful foods all the doctors seem to be recommending? Colleen Patrick-Goudreau shows you how.

Color Me Vegan is broken down into sections. Red foods, purple foods, orange foods and others are covered extensively through recipe lists, tips for including more produce items from each category and information on the health benefits of each food color.

Some of the intriguing recipes in Color Me Vegan include beet burgers with sunflower and sesame seeds, carrot fries, three-greens ribollita soup and blueberry ketchup. Yes, blueberry ketchup. My attention was also grabbed by the nori wraps with orange-cashew cream and the vegan muffaletta sandwich.

I would also say the Color Me Vegan is a good resource not just for the vegan crowd, but also for those looking to increase the nutrient density of their meals. All vegan cookbooks bring something different to the plant-based lifestyle table, and this one is perfect for hearty eaters concerned about getting the most nutritional bang for their food buck.

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