Need a Superior Shopping App? Check out These 6 Savvy Solutions

Whether youíre headed out to embrace the holiday shopping season or simply looking for a barcode shopping app to rely on throughout the year, choosing one or more that meet your needs will help the entire shopping experience go more smoothly. Here are six savvy suggestions to help you find the shopping app thatís right for you.

Be Green with Barcoo

For consumers looking for a simple way to check the eco value of a purchase under consideration, Barcoo lets you see the sustainability and social responsibility ratings of the company responsible for producing the product you want to buy. So if youíre looking to go green while you save, this is the shopping app for that.

Be Informed with Barcode Hero

Want to know what others think before you plunk down the cash? Barcode Hero is a shopping app that lets you see what others are saying in their reviews, which is great when you are considering a large purchase such as a new laptop, or a special one such as just the right bottle of wine for a romantic evening.

Seek out the Resale Value with ScanLife

In addition to price comparison, a shopping app called ScanLife lets you check prices on resale sites like This is perfect for entertainment items you donít want to keep for long, but would like to have for the short term. Especially if youíre hoping to keep the overall cost for this household line item under control.

Practice Video Game Vigilance with Cedemo

Of video games are a big deal in your house and youíre looking for holiday gifts for the kids, then Cedemo Ė available on iTunes Ė might be just the ticket. This shopping app provides video clips and screen shots from whatever game you are considering, and also provides specific game information based on the productís barcode.

Check Ingredients with RedLaser

If you are traveling with food allergies or attempting vegan travel for the first time, RedLaser is a shopping app youíll definitely want to have in your repertoire. Basically, it uses a grocery itemís barcode and breaks down the typically incomprehensible ingredient list to inform you right away if thereís something in it that youíre trying to stay away from. In addition to alerting to the presence of things like dairy, wheat, peanuts and other allergens, this shopping app also shows you if a book you are about to buy happens to be available at the local library and performs price comparisons like other apps on the market.

Compare Frugal Prices with The Find

Another shopping app that provides price comparisons is called The Find. Its super power, in addition to the expected price listings, is that it lets you configure your favorite stores, effectively providing you with a customized bargain shopping experience.

Clearly, thereís more than one shopping app available to get the job done. In fact, you may find it best to have a handful of them available in your smart phone in order to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Also, for those who are on the road frequently, you may want to consider several of these for your go-to list of travel apps for family road trips.

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