Spirit Review: Molinari Sambuca

I was first introduced to drinking sambuca in my coffee when we lived in Italy. Fresh and licorice-flavored, it was an unexpected flavor pairing that I eventually grew to enjoy. This weekend, my husband and I test drove two different flavors of sambuca from Molinari.

Flavors Tested: Molinari Sambuca Extra and Molinari Caffé.

Cocktail Choice: After-dinner decaf.

The Result: We mixed two drinks, each featuring one of the Molinari sambuca flavors that had arrived by mail for this particular sampling session. That way, we could each enjoy our coffee cocktails without overdoing it on the calorie front. While each was tasty enough in its own right, we both preferred the traditional flavor of Molinari Sambuca Extra in our coffee.

It’s our opinion that the whole point of pouring a little ‘buca in your coffee is to have it taste like sambuca and coffee. That being said, I think the Molinari Caffé would be fine on its own paired with a biscotti for an after dinner treat, or over a delicately-flavored vanilla ice cream for a more elegant yet simple dessert.

Final Verdict: Worth the roughly $25 SRP for sambuca fans and lovers of Italian cuisine and cocktails.

Photo Credit: Daqella Manera

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