Wine Review: Si Soave DOC

It’s no secret to our regular readers that I’m a huge wine fan. So when I received a request to review another white from one of my favorite regions in Italy – Soave – I didn’t hesitate to accept.

Soave is one of our favorite areas of Italy, with its proximity to A4, romantic wine road and relatively easy access to and from other fun tourism areas in northern Italy, such as Lake Garda and its islet of Sirmione, Shakespearean Verona and classic Venice. So how did our review of Si Soave DOC turn out?

First impressions: With its sexy curved bottle and translucent lettering it catches your attention right off the bat as a chic, modern dinner beverage you can’t wait to try. While other wines from the region, although tasty, tend to be milder and better suited to more subtle flavor pairings, this wine held up to a stronger pasta and vegetable dish.

Pasta pairing: We enjoyed Si Soave DOC with a penne dish loaded with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, robust sundried tomatoes and sautéed baby portabellas on a bed of organic arugula and spring greens mix topped with shaved pecorino Romano cheese. Pretty hefty flavors for a veggie-based pasta dish by anyone’s standards.

Results: The wine held up fine and maintained its full flavor throughout the meal. We would recommend this white for any pasta and veggie dish sans tomato sauce, as well your favored shellfish entrée or even an after-work cheese tasting.

Photo Credits: Il Soave and Trek Hound. More photographs of Italy are available through a creative commons agreement on our sister site, Pictures of Travel Places.

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