Vegan Unplugged: A Cookbook Review

Ever wonder how your plant-based diet would hold up under emergency circumstances? Say . . . a prolonged power outage or hurricane recovery? Robin and Jon Robinson have.

And they’ve written down several tips and strategies to help you out should the same situation every happen to you. Vegan Unplugged provides meal plans based on typical plant-based pantry supplies, providing you with a survival-guide-style menu that still allows for tapenade, rum balls and angel hair pasta.

What I liked:

Their use of basic, affordable ingredients to pull off menu plans using an outdoor gas-burner stove. The range of recipes considering this all has to be pulled off with no power is really quite impressive. Also, they provide tips on how to stock an emergency, five-day meal box to have on hand for unexpected power outages or emergency evacuations.

What you can expect:

Anything from basic breakfast oatmeal to sushi, Moroccan couscous salad, blueberry cobbler and mushroom pilaf. You can also expect simplicity and recipes that can be pulled off with minimal fuss, as you’ll have plenty else to worry about if dealing with a long or short-term crisis situation.

Who will enjoy this book:

Anyone looking to have their hurricane response plan in order, vegan families who camp or plant-based eaters who live remotely and regularly experience power outages. Vegan Unplugged has something for all of those types of individuals.

Have you ever had to maintain a plant-based eating plan while functioning without power or full access to your family kitchen? How did you cope?

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