Book Review: Vegan Celebrations by Alicia C. Simpson

When making the transition to plant-based eating, people inevitably hit a snag when it comes the first major holiday or party-worthy event.

Thatís where Alicia Simpsonís book Vegan Celebrations comes in. Full of recipes for Halloween, game day, Valentines and more, Simpson brings her A-game along with a full-color photo section I the middle of the book. What else can you expect from someone who used to own her own organic bakery?

Some of my favorite recipes include portabella brisket, red velvet cupcakes and beer-battered green beans.

Who should buy Vegan Celebrations? Those who are hosting vegans for the first time, new vegans tackling their first celebratory event, or long-time vegans looking to spice things up a bit. It is definitely a book for vegan entertaining, as opposed to a standard go-to book for everything plant-based in the kitchen.

Have you tried any of Alicia Simpsonís other cookbooks? What were your experiences?

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