Celebrate Halloween with a Fun Cocktail Called the White Spider

On the lookout for something fresh to serve for this year’s Halloween cocktail? Try featuring a fun drink called the White Spider. It’s simple, crisp and short on ingredients making it the perfect drink for after-work gatherings in October.

What you need: I Spirit Vodka and a White Mint Cream (Marie Brizard makes a decent, mid-range one), ice and a cocktail glass.

What you do: Mix two thirds I Spirit Vodka with one third white mint cream over ice in your favorite cocktail glass.

Serving suggestions: Pair this simple cocktail with equally simple snacks, such as black bean hummus with crudités or flavored cream cheese finger sandwiches with cucumber and baby spinach. Busy urban professionals should enjoy this menu and cocktail pairing prior to an evening at Phantom of the Opera, or other Halloween-appropriate theater performance.

Photo Credit: I Spirit Vodka

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