New Peach Vodka Cocktail: The Fuzzy Navel Crush

Having recently started a love affair with flavored vodkas, and peach vodka in particular, I was excited to find this new peach vodka cocktail recipe from the folks at Van Gogh. It’s called the Fuzzy Navel Crush, and puts a fresh spin on the classic drink with a similar name.

The Fuzzy Navel Crush uses soda water and Van Gogh’s cool peach flavor to provide a crisper peach vodka cocktail suitable for spring through early fall. Its flavor is fresh enough for the fellas and sweet enough for the girls, making it the perfect unisex cocktail for Jack and Jill events.

What you need:

2 ounces of Van Gogh (cool peach flavor), 1 ounce of triple sec, one splash of orange juice and a splash of soda water.

What you do:

Serve this peach vodka cocktail in a pint glass over crushed ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves, if available. Depending on whether your event is casually rustic or a bit more formal, you can choose between fancier barware and pint-sized canning jars.

Pairing suggestions:

You can serve the Fuzzy Navel Crush with a brunch menu in place of the traditional mimosas, or as an alternative to wine coolers on a steamy afternoon. This peach vodka cocktail is as versatile as it is fresh. Brunch food suggestions include miniature quiches, crab legs, salmon crepes and cucumber finger sandwiches with a cream cheese spread. The vegan crowd might enjoy party crackers with a mushroom-walnut pate or Caribbean eggplant dip.

Photo Credit: Van Gogh Vodka

Disclosure: The folks at Van Gogh provided a sample of their Cool Peach vodka so that I might test this recipe using other ingredients already in my drink pantry.

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