Hot Toddy Recipe Roundup: From Chocolate Snugglers to Hot Buttered Rum, the Best Hot Drinks for Cold Weather

While it may still be steamy here in Tampa Bay, readers in northern climes are experiencing cold snaps on a regular basis. If youíre planning an at-home happy hour during cooler months, a strong repertoire of hot drinks is certainly in order. From hot buttered rum to warm chocolate candy-flavored cocktails, this hot toddy recipe roundup will have you armed with enough entertaining ideas to last until spring.

Hot coffee drinks are an affordable way to entertain with elegance.

One of my favorite ways to offer coffee cocktails at brunch gatherings, pre-theater dessert shindigs or after a leisurely dinner is with a self-serve bar. We have a large electric party urn that dispenses coffee on demand. While the java is brewing, I place sweeteners, creamers, flavor add-ins such as sprinkles and nutmeg, and one or two flavored liqueurs. Baileyís and Kahlua are two of our favorites, but some people prefer whiskey or coffee brandy. With a selection of mugs and spoons standing by, the stage is set for people to mix their own beverages.

Hot buttered rum is a holiday classic, and one of my favorite hot rum drinks for cooler weather.

The cool thing about many hot buttered rum recipes is that you can prepare the ingredients ahead of time and store for a month or more in the freezer. Itís one of my favorite once-a-month-cooking for the bar strategies. With a large batch at the ready, you need only a kettle of hot water and a bottle of rum standing by to offer a bit of hospitality when unexpected guests stop by.

Hot apple cider makes a great flavor base to create a hot toddy recipe.

One of our favorite hot apple cider recipes during the fall and winter season is wassail. Loaded with the flavors of clove, cinnamon, cranberry and apple, this hot apple cider concoction is great as a stand-alone beverage or with a shot of rum. Itís this flexibility that makes it a favorite for parties. Designated drivers donít feel left out, while those who are free to indulge can do so at their leisure. Hot apple cider can also be combined Ė believe it or not Ė with tequila, as Hammock in Paradise blogger Lisa Overman demonstrates in this cocktail article with a drink called A Heated Affair.

Hot chocolate cocktails are comforting, and provide a sense of rustic elegance to winter entertaining.

When it comes to warm winter drinks suitable for capping off a day of sliding, skiing or snowshoeing, hot chocolate cocktails are a comfortably cozy way to go. One of my all-time favorites is called a snuggler, which pairs a shot of butterscotch schnapps with mug of hot chocolate and a squirt of whipped topping.† There are certainly others you can explore, but the point is that a kettle of hot water and an envelope of high-quality hot chocolate mix form the basis of numerous affordable hot toddy recipe ideas you can use to entertain affordably.

Mulled wine makes a wonderful hot toddy recipe for those on a budget.

Itís no secret to those who know me that Iím a huge mulled wine fan. Simple, affordable and full of European style, itís a great way to use boxed wine with style. With just a few inexpensive ingredients, you can whip up a batch for the crock pot and go about your other party preparations without a care. Itís great for backyard bonfires, Christmas parties or even New Yearís Eve gatherings.

With this list of hot toddy recipe ideas, you should feel confident moving ahead with party plans for the fall and winter seasons. Whether your guests prefer wine, coffee, chocolate or holiday hot buttered rum, youíll be armed with the proper hostess supplies to pull off a great array of hot drinks.

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