Grilled Sandwich Recipes You Can Make with a Travel Press

Most of us have received one as a gift at one time or another. Those electric sandwich presses that often come with additional grilling plates for waffles, chicken breasts and pancakes. Even the models with the sandwich option only can help you out at home and on the road. A frugal colleague once shared with me that this was one of her go-to mom strategies while traveling with the kids. The more I thought about, the more I wondered why I wasnít using one more often for road trips and busy work days. These grilled sandwich recipes are some of my top picks for meals to make with a portable press grill.

Toasted peanut butter and jelly is often overlooked when it comes to the grilled sandwich experience.

I actually got turned on to this when I was a kid, only I was taught to make them in the frying pan like a grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously, I donít know why more people donít make these. The peanut butter gets all gooey which is fantastic, and the jelly gets warm too like it does when you make those scrumptious thumbprint cookies at Christmas. You can get affordable organic versions of each while shopping at Costco, and the sandwich bread for a song at your friendly neighborhood thrift store. Those three items and a little cooking spray is all you need to make grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a press grill.

Pressed Monte Carlo sandwiches are fun at home on a busy work night.

Sort of a grilled meat and cheese with a French toast spin, Monte Carlo sandwiches are perfect for when you are looking for sandwich ideas to take dinner to the next level. This savory sandwich pairs well with tomato bisque soup or a mixed green salad.

Try a Middle Eastern mozzarella concoction.

Normally, I make these Middle Eastern mozzarella sandwiches with cocktail rolls for parties. The tomato slices taste amazing with the olive oil and zatar spread, and bulk mozzarella is SUPER affordable at the warehouse store. To turn these into one of your favorite grilled sandwich recipes, simply swap out the cocktail rolls for sandwich bread and stock up on cooking spray. Perfect for meat-free treats at Monday night soccer practice, if you have one of those electric outlets in the back end of your minivan.

Pizza pockets make super grilled sandwiches for road food.

Sandwich bread, shredded cheese, pizza sauce and a bit of turkey pepperoni combine to create a tasty lunch sandwich or substitute dinner when your teenís gymnastic competition runs late. Pizza pockets also make for a tasty hotel room treat once the kiddos are worn out from swimming in the pool. All of these items are easily found at any North American grocery store, so this particular grilled sandwich recipe has a very simple ingredients list.

Try a caprese press for something a little heartier than a salad.

Use a little mozzarella paired with olive oil, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Itís one of those sandwich ideas that will put you in the running for soccer mom of the year. Anyone who enjoys caprese salads should thoroughly enjoy this grilled sandwich recipe.

Another yummy idea is the hummus and sliced veggie combo.

Use regular or alternative hummus flavors like this white bean hummus with sundried tomatoes. Add veggies like spinach leaves, thinly sliced mushrooms and sweet red peppers. Sprinkle a little zatar into the mix for extra flavor. This is basically a Mediterranean hot pocket, and a tasty alternative for those looking to cut back on dairy.

Horseradish and Dijon Vegenaise with spinach and portabella mushrooms is a great grilled sandwich.

Mixing prepared horseradish with a little Dijon mustard and Vegenaise Ė a vegan mayo alternative Ė makes a great interior spread for hot vegan sandwiches. Try it in a grilled sandwich along with organic baby spinach and portabella mushrooms.

Chicken and pesto are two ingredients that pair well for grilled sandwiches.

Classico makes a travel-friendly size of basil pesto, and leftovers from a rotisserie chicken can be sliced to add protein to a simple grilled sandwich for the hotel room. Itís an affordable poultry strategy that makes for great cheap travel grub.

Grilled cheese with attitude can be pulled off frugally as a mid-day family road trip snack.

Whip up a batch from the back of the van (use a power converter plugged into the cigarette lighter if you donít have a separate outlet) when you pull over at the rest area. The dogs can have a romp, and you can let everyone pick a custom ingredient such as chopped broccoli, sliced scallions or precooked bacon. The good thing about grilled cheese, in addition to its affordability, is how acceptable it is to a variety of different palettes.

Cream cheese with raisins is a tasty combo for grilled sandwiches as well.

You can even add different ingredients like cinnamon to make a variety of cream cheese spreads, which is a great way to jazz things up. Closer to Thanksgiving, you could even swap out the raisins for dried cranberries to create a fun fall twist on this simple sandwich.

Taste of Homeís Monterey artichoke panini is an elegant grilled sandwich thatís perfect for a campsite with electricity.

When cruising around the internet for unusual grilled sandwich recipes, I stumbled across this artichoke panini grilled sandwich from the folks at Taste of Home. Those looking to take their grilled sandwiches to the next level will love this particular sandwich combo.

Grilled sandwich recipes donít have to be hum drum. There are numerous flavor pairings that make using a press grill for home and travel a great money-and-time-saving idea. Itís fun to be able to have something hot in the car without having to eat greasy fast food, and these grilled sandwich recipes will help you do that.

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