Is Loft-Style Decorating Right for Your Home?

While the look may not fit in your typical mid-west farm kitchen, there are several situations where using the loft style of home decorating can work. Even if you donít live in the middle of an urban metropolis. Read on.

Itís true that track lighting and exposed duct work donít exactly look at home in an authentic New England colonial dining room. But the look can be used in homes where might not initially think to incorporate it. Here are my favorite four situations for bringing loft design ideas home to the country.

Basement Bonus Rooms

Usually, when people are carving out spaces in their basement, they are more worried about functionality than form. And since basements tend to have boatloads of exposed duct work, concrete floors and steel support poles, they are perfect for putting loft decor parameters into play as you create your craft corner, exercise space, home office or childrenís play area. Feel free to go crazy with bold paint and mirror panels if you have a youngster just getting into ballet, or glass and steel work tables for a mod workplace remodel.

Attic Makeovers

Not only are attics great for extra storage, they can really provide the goods when it comes to creating a teen space with plenty of room to groove. Think ping pong tables, a bean-bag-furnished movie corner,† and extra bunks for sweet sixteen sleepovers. Peg board can provide cheap organizational support with the addition of hooks to hang musical equipment, hobby supplies and mesh laundry bags stuffed with extra quilts and sleeping bags. Let the kids go nuts with throw pillows, board games and other socializing necessities. When it comes to loft decoration, they’re likely to be the biggest toads in the design puddle. There is one tip: before you start some major renovations, read†this post to make sure your roof is in good condition.

Garage Apartments

If you find yourself needing extra income and not wanting to come up with a completely separate down payment for an income-producing apartment building, then using that space over the garage to create a rentable, loft style, studio apartment might be just what the doctor ordered. With angled ceilings and an open floor plan built into the space, garage apartments are extremely well suited for turning into lofts. Use some industrial shelving and salvaged gate sections to create hanging pot racks and open pantry storage and youíve got yourself an affordable gourmet kitchen design that potential renters will quickly act upon. Another way to keep your rental kitchen remodel in financial check is with affordable appliance overlays (affiliate link). For a fraction of the cost, you can make dated appliances look like stainless steel, classroom chalkboards, famous works of art and other creative finishes well-suited to loft-style decorating.

Vacation Properties

Usually, if youíve found an affordable vacation property in a great location, chances are it needs a bit of TLC. While itís tempting to treat yourself to designer digs, isnít the whole point to get away from it all? If so thereís no reason to get bogged down in finished moldings and custom paint treatments. Even dated wood paneling can be painted with affordable and attractive results, and bathroom spruce-ups donít necessarily have to break the bank. If the structure is seems well-suited to it, incorporate loft-style decorating for a stylish second home you can relax in. The kids will appreciate not having to worry about every single spilled drink, and so will your company.

Clearly, living in an old factory isnít necessary in order to enjoy a loft experience. Lots of light and a few affordable industrial supplies can combine for a unique and stylish living space that keeps your money-saving efforts on track.

Photo Credits: Daylight Basement Loft image by Rommy Ghaly, Loft Living Room photo also by Rommy Ghaly.

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