Tasty and Affordable Black Eyed Pea Recipes

If youíre looking for a fiber-filled food item thatís affordable and relatively simple to prepare, consider the ages-old black eyed pea. Itís popular across a number of international cuisines, takes notably less time to cook than the frequently-used pinto, and doesnít really need to be soaked like other beans. This makes them a huge time saver in my book, and one of my favorite cheap food items to search out at the grocery store. Consequently, Iím always on the lookout for fresh and unusual black eyed pea recipes to try at home.


Whip up a saucy side dish of black eyed peas instead of rice or potatoes.

It will provide more protein and keep the carb count in check. This recipe for Creole-style black eyed peas from the Mayo Clinic is light, affordable and hearty all at the same time. Try serving it with steamed fish and an additional side of collard greens. Youíll have a heart-healthy dinner thatís full of flavor and nutrition.

Black eyed pea fritters make a tasty party treat for the Super Bowl or other special occasions.

These black eyed pea fritters, posted by the folks at Holy Cow Vegan, come from the book The Vegan Soul Kitchen, by Bryant Terry. Paired with a tasty dipping sauce and made with ground peanuts as well as black eyed peas, black eyed pea fritters are a protein-packed finger food that brings fabulous taste to the frugal food game.

Branch out with your black eyed pea dip recipe collection and include international recipes as well.

Sure, this black eyed pea caviar brings Texas-sized flavor to your standard sports-themed gathering. Served with low-fat tortilla chips, itís less drippy than salsa and has more protein. And itís certainly tasty enough. But Indian black eyed pea dip is equally flavorful and perhaps a bit more unexpected with the football crowd. You can pair it with flat bread for a zingy alternative to other traditional bean dips.

My favorite black eyed pea salad recipe comes from the Middle East.

There are many black eyed pea salad recipe ideas, and I could never hope to list them all in a single post. Instead, Iíll just feature my favorite one. This Lebanese black eyed pea salad is light and summery, making it perfect for warm weather food events. Serve it with vegetable and lamb skewers with a side of hummus.

Another family favorite is curried black eyed peas.

We make these black eyed peas in a spicy Goan curry quite often. The recipe comes from the 5 Spices, 50 Dishes cookbook and is a breeze to make, especially if you start with canned black eyed peas. Itís whipped up on the stovetop fairly quickly, but if you want to start with dried beans, thereís a similar crock pot recipe for Goan black eyed peas featured in The Indian Slow Cooker. Both feature canned coconut milk added towards the end, making it a full-flavored vegan black eyed peas recipe thatís rich and creamy enough for those just learning about going vegan.

To cut down on dinner cleanup, I combine collard greens and black eyed peas into one recipe.

When you think about it, itís just like cooking up collard greens with bacon, pancetta or minced turkey kielbasa. Youíre using the protein item as the accent. These African-inspired collard greens and black eyed peas include ginger and garlic, making them a flavorful meal item to feature next to sweet potatoes or cornbread.

You can also use black eyed peas to make a traditional Vietnamese dessert.

Who knew? Apparently, this sweet rice and black eyed pea pudding is a traditional treat in Vietnam. So moms looking to pack a bit more nutrition into that after school snack have something extra to get excited about. This is also a great recipe to make and have on hand for school lunch boxes.

As far as featuring a black eyed pea soup recipe, my selection is simple.

In fact itís the one I make most of the time. Black eyed peas are what I use for a protein item when I whip up a vegetable soup in the slow cooker at home. As I mentioned above, I love that black eyed peas donít take that long to cook, and donít have to be soaked overnight. This means I can always use them at the last minute to toss a healthy soup into the crock pot when we are going to be out for the day.

Using frozen mixed vegetables, leftover cauliflower and whatever else happens to be on hand, I get to use up leftovers and put a low calorie meal on the table in one simple step. Dump, season and turn on the heat. Thatís literally all the thought I put into it.

What are your favorite black eyed pea recipes? Do you have a traditional family favorite, or a creative use for them youíve never seen listed anywhere else? Feel free to post a link to your online recipe in the comment section below, or simply contact me. If I feel itís a good fit, Iíll certainly add it to the list.

Photo Credits: Caribbean Meal by Miss Meng, Black Eyed Pea Soup by Start Cooking, and Curried Black Eyed Peas by Andy Bullock.

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