Summer Side Dish Hack: Grill Corn on the BBQ

Summerís here, and with it the need for healthy summer side dishes that donít require a large effort or cash outlay. Since ears of fresh corn are selling at five for a buck right now at most of the stores in my area, my plan for tonight is to grill corn on the BBQ.

While Iím aware there are a number of grilling gurus out there advise leaving the ears in the husk and slapping them on the grate, the truth is thatís never worked for me. Maybe someday Iíll get it right, but for now my method is to husk the corn, cut each ear into sections, and baste with my barbecue sauce of choice while using tongs to rotate. The time varies according to how hot you have your grill, but I like to take at least ten minutes for mine as a rule, and donít mind a bit of charring after the kernels plump up.

You can cut the ears of corn in half, or into medallion-sized rounds to use an accent side. Since youíre only paying twenty cents a piece for each ear (or free if you grow your own), this summer side dish is nothing but a money saver.

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Photo Credit: Aimee Steen

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