Polynesian Foil Packets, an Easy, Low Fat Summer Side Dish

Vegetable foil packets are certainly a popular choice for simple summer meals that are low on cleanup. But they tend to be mostly potato slices or steamed broccoli. When Iím looking for something different to serve with shrimp skewers, I turn to these affordable Polynesian foil packets for low fat flavor that pairs well with a batch of rice.

What you need: Non-stick cooking spray, red onion slices, green and/or red pepper pieces, fresh pineapple chunks and several squares of aluminum foil.

What you do: Spray the foil squares with non-stick spray and pile in the peppers, onions and pineapple chunks with a very light misting of water. Fold and seal the foil pieces into packets, leaving room inside for the air and steam to circulate. Toss on the grill when you put the shrimp skewers on. Since these are all quick-cooking produce items, the shrimp and Polynesian foil packets should be done about the same time. Weíre talking less than ten minutes to a finished dinner if your rice cooker has already switched to warm.

Serve with soy sauce and the tropical drink selection of your choice. This is basically a low-calorie alternative to the typical Polynesian stir fry menu that works well for those hot summer evenings when you donít want anything too heavy to eat.

Photo Credit: Tom@hk

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