Zesty Lime-Marinated White Bean Salad Recipe

Cooked, chilled beans with homemade dressings and vegetable add-ins make for a simple dinner side or luncheon main dish. So I was excited to find this lime-marinated white bean salad recipe among many other spicy vegan recipes in Robin Robertsonís popular cookbook, Vegan Fire and Spice. Itís spicy, colorful, sophisticated and affordable. Hereís how to try it for yourself at home.


What you need:

1 Ĺ cups cooked and drained white beans, ľ cup fresh lime juice, Ĺ tsp red pepper flakes, ľ tsp salt, 1 large chopped tomato, 2 tsp of minced parsley, 1 minced scallion, 2 tsp chopped capers, ľ cup of olive oil, Ĺ tsp sugar and 4 cups of torn salad greens.

What you do:

Marinate the beans in 2 tbsp of lime juice, half the red peppers and the salt in the refrigerator for an hour. Shortly before serving, mix the rest of the ingredients together and combine with the bean mixture.

Serving suggestions:

You could make this salad at any time of year, but Iím of the opinion that this white bean salad recipe is best-served for summertime events. Serve on top of the salad greens as a main course, or along with an additional dish such as lime-steamed tilapia or grilled portabella caps. This is also the perfect salad to serve with a homemade sangria.

If you like spicy ethnic recipes and are looking to reduce your meat and dairy intake overall, then you might want to check out Amazonís new and used prices for Vegan Fire and Spice, which is where this recipe originated.

Photo Credit: Kthread

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