Best Gift Cards and Restaurants for Vegan Fast Food

With more and more people being directed to a plant-based diet by their doctors these days, and the†demand for cheap, fast food moving ahead with gusto in North America, vegan fast food options are becoming more of a priority.

While I still enjoy the occasional cheeseburger or fish sandwich, Iíve made it a point to check out vegan fast food selections at a number of popular chain restaurants. If youíve got a veggie lover on your gift list, then gift cards to any of these establishments should be well received.


In addition to the standard veggie delight sub, many Subway restaurants offer a garden patty option. Itís rectangular, so it takes up the length of your six inch sub, and two of them will round out a footlong with plenty of heft. Two healthy, plant-based sandwich options and the fact that the chain is available at numerous gas stations along major highways in the United States as a viable low-calorie food option for travelers make the Subway gift card one of my top picks for present purchases. †Gift cards for Subway are available at Amazon to be shipped anywhere you like.

Burger King:

In addition to the expected salad and fries, Burger King offers an honest-to-goodness veggie burger that you can order without cheese. While they donít offer free WiFi like their giant fast food competitor, this is still a chain that you see on the highway quite frequently, and they are the only traditional fast food burger chain I know of that offers a vegetable patty option at all. So in the interest of giving kudos where kudos are due, Iím putting them on the list. Particularly since fast food dinners are still the main meal option of choice for high school sports teams coming home from late night ball games throughout the school year. Vegetarian and vegan teens will at least have something on the menu thatís reasonably appropriate, and these gift cards are affordable for grandparents and parents to tuck into Christmas stockings. You can purchase a†Burger King $10 Gift Card at, or on location.

Taco Bell:

With plenty of locations and bean burritos by the boatload, vegan drive through is actually a possibility at this Mexican food franchise. Gift cards are available at participating store locations, and you can register for Taco Bell coupons on the company web site to get the most bang for your buck from your gift card present or purchase. Chalupas and tacos can also be ordered with beans instead of meat, and their sides include pintos and seasoned rice.

Panera Bread:

Free WiFi, numerous highway-convenient locations for travelers and vegan-friendly menu options are just a few of the reasons my husband and I love to stop at Panera Bread while traveling. If we have a long driving day, we can at least stop to check email once at the midpoint when we gas up. If a toasted bagel doesnít grab you, try their Mediterranean veggie sandwich sans feta or their black bean soup. Iím also a fan of their self-serve coffee bar. While purchasing their gift cards without actually stopping at a store is a bit of a pain, Iím still a fan and their vegetarian and organic chicken options add to the number of friends Iím able to meet at this chain for girl chat.

Sweet Tomatoes:

While not a restaurant most people would consider in the fast food category, Sweet Tomatoes is a buffet restaurant that lets you get your food fast. The salad bar is loaded with raw vegan options that most restaurant salad bars donít have, and they clearly label vegan and non-vegan items throughout the entire restaurant. With healthy soups and baked potato options in addition to a number of daily pasta entrees and homemade breads, vegans and vegetarians alike will have plenty to choose from. Gift cards are available on their web site, where you can also sign up for email coupons to be delivered conveniently to your electronic inbox.

While I canít speak to the absolute ingredient list for the veggie patties mentioned for Subway and Burger King, I can say that I am comfortable eating them when I am in a time crunch or on the highway with no other option. Those with dairy sensitivities may feel differently, but I am of the opinion that itís worth supporting those chains that are stepping up to provide vegan fast food menu selections when many others arenít. Do you have any other tips for restaurant chains that offer gift cards as well as options for vegan fast food? What are your favorites?

Photo Credit: Norwichnuts

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