Give the Gift of Reading Any Time of the Year

Whether itís graduation time, Fatherís Day, Christmas or a loved oneís birthday, itís always appropriate to give the gift of reading. Young learners, and lifelong readers alike appreciate presents that celebrate the written word. So if giving the gift of reading appeals to you, check out these affordable gift ideas for readers.

A book.

Nothing beats a classic gift, and books definitely fall into that category. Amazon will ship your book anywhere you want, and often has the option for free shipping. So choose a topic or author your gift recipient will enjoy and shop away. Whether you are going for a traditional title thatís been popular for generations, or something new and trendy, theyíll likely have what youíre looking for.


Celebrating the written word with an elegant bookmark is an affordable way to give the gift of reading through an add-on or childrenís gift. Choose one in a design that suits the person you are giving the gift to, and pair with a title you know theyíll love. Itís an extra touch thatís short on cost but tall on style.

Kindle device.

Is your gift recipient a traveler? Then a Kindle device might be just what the doctor ordered. Able to store multiple titles in a space-efficient device, this is a gift avid readers will appreciate. No more lugging multiple books on board for marathon flights. One small device can hold enough reading material for a week.

Magazine subscription.

Magazines are a guilty pleasure I donít normally dish out for myself. So when someone notices the ones that catch my eye when weíre out shopping together and orders a subscription for me as a gift, Iím secretly pleased as punch. One affordable way to provide the gift of a magazine subscription is through online discount sites. One with the deepest retail price slashing Iíve seen is . With prices up to ninety percent off retail, and one of the few places that will ship magazines internationally, you can definitely give the gift of reading at a price that suits your budget. Zoobooks is another site offering magazines for children, if the person you are buying the subscription for is a young reader.

Cracking the code.

Speaking of young readers, if your little boo is having a hard time cracking the code of the reading game, then consider a grandparent gift of Hooked on Phonics. Itís been around for years, and helps a great deal when it comes to learning the common sounds and letter combinations in the written version of the English language.

As you can see, there is an entire range of budget options when it comes to giving the gift of reading. Choose one that suits the person youíre buying for at a price point your comfortable with. Whether itís a magazine at the beach, a mystery for a long flight, or a childrenís title for the teacherís summer reading list, the gift of reading is always appreciated.

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