From Grilling Aprons to Kitchen Tongs, the Best Grilling Gifts for Backyard Cooking Enthusiasts

Grilling gifts are the perfect choice for backyard cooking enthusiasts. Whether itís a set of his and her grilling aprons or a pair of kitchen tongs (more on why I prefer them to BBQ tongs later), having the proper grilling tools keeps things streamlined and efficient. If youíve got presents to purchase this summer, and your intended recipients are avid backyard cooking buffs, then these thirteen affordable suggestions for grilling gifts just might be what youíre looking for.


Kitchen Tongs

First of all, in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably admit that I am hugely biased towards kitchen tongs. They are one of my favorite kitchen utensils, and I use them for everything from serving salad and tossing around French beans in the frying pan, to flipping kabobs on the grill. Which is why I favor them so much† . . . kitchen tongs are extremely versatile. If youíre going to be using them to grill with, I suggest something like these long-handled, stainless kitchen tongs. They are long enough that you donít have to get too close to the heat, but short enough that you can still use them for other kitchen tasks.

Grill Charms†

These have recently arrived on my radar, and Iíve become a fast fan. When needing to identify steaks or other grilled goodies by seasoning or level of doneness, the cook in question simply inserts the†Grill Charms into the individual items, making them extremely easy to identify. This makes them particularly handy when allergies to certain seasonings will cause severe reactions for guests.

Grilling Apron

With all of the sauce splatter, grease and gunk involved with backyard cooking over the barbecue, giving a grilling apron as a gift is a great idea. This grilling apron from A Gift Personalized comes with monogramming, a grill mitt, hand towel and attached bottle opener. How cool is that?

Dry Rub

For the person who has all of the grill tools and accessories they need, going gourmet with a gift of high quality dry rub shows you recognize their passion for backyard cooking and wanted to give them something you know theyíll enjoy. Dry rub can be used on steaks, chicken, shrimp, pork or fish, and brings a bit of flair to the barbecue experience. This gourmet dry rub with organic ingredients is definitely gift worthy. Of course, if you have the time and are feeling creative, you could always whip up a batch of homemade dry rub as well.

Grilling Gloves

For those who love to go all the way with flame, a set of long grilling gloves is definitely in order. This set of grilling gloves from Jim Beam is sturdy and well-suited to the job. Pair with another small gift, or wrap them up solo for a child-to-father present.

Folding Camp Grill

If grilling in the wild is on your agenda, or you simply want the kids to practice their camping and scouting skills, this folding camp grill from J.M. Cremps is a great gift idea. It sits directly over the flame to grill the catch of the day, and folds flat for easy travel and packing afterwards.

Disposable Grills for Road Trips and Tailgating

While Iím more a fan of having less waste when cooking, there are times when having quick access to a compact grill is a good thing. If you are traveling with pets and can only stop to eat at rest area, or have a full day at the soccer field for your childís tournament, these disposable grills are available in regular and party size and pack flat. They are also a great idea for impromptu beach picnics.

Vegetable Grilling Basket

If you have a boatload of veggies to grill and canít be bothered with the threading time required to secure them on skewers, then having a vegetable grilling basket on hand will feel like youíve just won the lottery. This makes them an excellent gift idea for healthy cooks, whether they are hosting an event for meat eaters, vegans or vegetarians. This vegetable grilling basket even has compartments, making it easy to separate vegetables into categories.

Flexible Skewers

OK, now these are just plain cool. Flexible skewers are also helpful when you have a curved space available between burgers and steaks, and would like to grill the veggies without having to worry about standing in front of the grill for round two. If youíre looking for grilling gifts to hand out to all of your barbecue geek friends that will get their attention, then something like these stainless, flexible skewers will definitely meet that expectation.

Grilling Tools

A great gift idea for grownup, grill-happy children getting their own place for the first time, grilling tools are a great way to support healthy eating choices. Of course, it doesnít hurt that they are also the ultimate party supply. These grilling tools come by the set, and provide a buffet of grilling accessories for the new home owner to get excited about.

Pizza Grilling Stone

When it comes to out-of-the-box grilling gifts, this pizza grilling stone puts a fresh face on the outdoor grilling experience. Bonus? There are a gazillion (official math term) affordable topping combinations out there making the pizza grilling stone a gift that brings affordability, gourmet cooking, entertaining and grilling together in one package.

Grilling Forks Grilling gurus of all ages will appreciate a nice collection of grilling forks to use for marshmallows, hot dogs and other campfire foods. They are also fun to have on hand for a second round of party food that the kids can get involved in, and to take advantage of any leftover heat time on the coals. This collection of grilling forks will allow several family members to participate at once, and choose whether they want to roast up a frankfurter or simply toast some marshmallows.

An Actual Grill Iíve narrowed down six grills that suit a variety of lifestyles. This portable gas grill can be used outside as a tabletop grill, and takes up minimal space, and closes up for cleaner traveling. Looking for something more iconic? This classic Weber kettle grill is an affordable option for charcoal grilling fans, and brings retro style to the modern backyard cooking experience. Meanwhile, a George Foreman indoor / outdoor grill is great for apartment dwellers and those who donít want to risk having their barbecue event rained out. For those who want portability with a little more height and size, this Coleman road trip grill with folding legs is worth considering. Canít make up your mind? This combo gas and charcoal grill with a side cooking burner rolls multiple grilling options into one larger gift.

As someone who is frequently mobile but loves to cook, these are my best ideas for grilling gifts to thrill friends who enjoy backyard cooking. If you know of any other fun, practical or unusual ideas for grilling gifts, please share your tips in the comment section below.

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