Looking for Good Mineral Makeup? A Mineral Hygienics Review and Commentary

Good mineral makeup is worth its weight (or more) in gold. It provides chemical-free coverage, comes with a built-in SPF and actually looks natural as opposed to other cosmetic products that just say they do. I wanted to do a Mineral Hygienics review after hearing about their products, as they have no bismuth oxychloride (which causes skin irritation for many people), are nut oil free for those with food allergies and use minimal ingredients to create their powder products.

So I contacted the company. They provided one of their starter mineral makeup kits so I could test drive the product and develop an informed review for We Be Sharinís readers. Without further ado, here is my Mineral Hygienics review, along with a bit of commentary on how I use this type of product in general. Was it good mineral makeup after all? Read on.


As this was my first product review for mineral based makeup, I wasnít sure what to expect. The mineral makeup samples the company sent were certainly girly enough, but would they work? In point of fact they did work, and quite well. There were also a number of perks and problems solved with the Mineral Hygienics products.

The perks, pros and problems solved with Mineral Hygienics natural mineral cosmetics. †

  • Staying power: This product definitely demonstrated staying power during both of the day-long test drives Iíve given it thus far. Day one, it stayed put an easy thirteen hours before I washed it off in the shower. The second day, I wore it for the full day out and about and promptly fell asleep in it. When I woke up the next morning, all of the color was still in place.
  • Additional sun protection: Two of the most common ingredients in broad-spectrum sunscreen products are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both of these ingredients are used in the foundation powder from Mineral Hygienics. While I havenít found a specific SPF rating on the project, they are listed as main ingredients in a product that has a minimal ingredient list to begin with. While I might use something extra for a full day out on the water, I feel comfortable using this product for my day-to-day SPF needs.
  • Shelf life: Since the ingredients in the Mineral Hygienics makeup are inert, they arenít prone to growing molds. This gives them a shelf life thatís significantly longer than other makeup products. Iíve always considered it a pain to toss out any makeup product before it was used up, but cringe extra hard when itís a cosmetic product Iíve paid a pretty penny for. While good mineral makeup is affordable with this company, itís still nowhere near the dollar or drug store price range. So knowing this product can go the distance until Iím good and darn done with it does wonders for my peace of mind.
  • Travel friendly: The mineral powders arenít liquid, which makes them extremely travel friendly because I donít have to place a large bottle in my one-quart bag that the TSA requires for liquids you happen to be carrying on board with you. Also, the containers that came with the starter kit are fairly compact. Because I always need to make packing light a priority, I appreciate how little space these will take up in my toiletry bag.


All in all, I would say that Mineral Hygienics is definitely a good mineral makeup product. The staying power and natural ingredients are factors I consider important for natural mineral cosmetics, and of course the extra SPF doesnít hurt either.

Usage tips:

I didnít realize how little product was necessary to add color. When I tried the bronzer for the first time, I used my contour brush to place a stripe of color under my cheekbones that I had every intention of blending out. Guess what? Remember that staying power I said I was so happy about? Letís just say I needed to wash off that experiment and start from scratch. Donít get me wrong, it looked fantastic once I applied it correctly. I just needed to use less of it than I did and blend from the very beginning.

Also, the first time I applied Mineral Hygienics, I forgot to use my concealer along an area of the jawline where I have a few imperfections. While the overall color and basic coverage was fine with one coat. I ended up putting on a second to get a bit more coverage (you know, since I already had to wash off and start over after the cheek color incident). This gave me about 85 percent of the coverage I needed, but girlfriend had to get out the door so I just rolled with it. On day two, I put the concealer in place first and everything was fine. Iím tossing this out there because if youíre test driving it for the first time, this might throw you. Itís definitely a sheer coverage type of makeup, so if you need concealer you want to be sure to put it on.

You can purchase these products affordably by ordering the Mineral Hygienics†starter kit for $59.99. It offers a savings of over $100 and lets you test drive several of the products along with a few of their cosmetics brushers. The company also makes mineral eye shadow, lipstick and other products.

Disclosure statement: As I mentioned above, Mineral Hygienics did provide me with one of their starter mineral makeup kits in order for me to properly test and review the product. As it turns out, I enjoyed the product so much I decided to become a part of their affiliate program. Sales links within this review are part of that affiliate relationship.

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