Armenian Lentil Patties

lentil patties

In my ongoing quest to find more ways to enjoy lentils and increase my meatless menu repertoire, I made sure to snag this recipe before releasing my copy of The Armenian Cookbook, by Rachel Hogrogian.

This recipe is particularly low on the number of ingredients and short on prep time.

What you need:

2 large onions, ¼ pound butter, 2 cups yellow lentils, 5 cups water, ¾ cup fine bulgur, 1 cup chopped parsley, ½ cup chopped scallions, freshly ground sea salt to taste.

What you do:

Sauté the onions until golden and set aside. Put lentils in saucepan with salted water and simmer until they are cooked (about 15 minutes). Add the browned onions with the butter from the skillet. Add the bulgur and 1 tbsp of parsley. Stir. Cover the saucepan and simmer over a low flame for 2 minutes. Cool the mixture and shape into patties. Arrange on a platter, garnish with the remainder of scallions and parsley. Serve immediately. This recipe uses extremely inexpensive grocery items.

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Photo Credit: Rusvaplauke

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