Cookbook Review: Vegan Celebrations

While transitioning to a plant-based diet, one of the concerns that pops up over and over again is appropriate food for special occasions and dinner parties. So when I saw the title “Vegan Celebrations”, I had to check it out.

While not a comprehensive go-to vegan cookbook, Alicia Simpson’s Vegan Celebrations does live up to its name by providing numerous full vegan menu suggestions for standard celebratory events such as Mardi Gra, Valentine’s Day, game day get togethers and various religious holidays. A few recipes of note? Loaded potato skins, roasted five-spice nuts and red velvet cupcakes. The North African (vegan) meatballs also deserve an honorable mention in my opinion, because they provide a go-to meat substitute made of ingredients most people have easy access to. A simple swap out of the sauce provides a flexible menu item you can use in a variety of situations.

While I wouldn’t recommend this as the first cookbook to buy for someone trying to switch completely to veganism, I would say that it would make a nice gift for someone trying to tackle a vegan holiday or special event for the first time. Or for that matter, a more seasoned vegan who is trying to build up the recipe repertoire. You can see more of Alicia’s efforts at her blog, Vegan Guinea Pig.

Photo Credit: The Experiment

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