Classy Presents on a Budget: Consider a Wine Club Gift

If youíre looking for a gift idea thatís above par yet meets your budget requirements, consider a wine club gift. They come in all price ranges, including one I just found that sends your friend or loved one a new and interesting variety every month for less than twenty bucks per bottle.

The wine club gift idea is one Iíve certainly considered before. Itís just that they are usually way out of my price range. For as little as $19.95 per delivery (or more if your budget permits it), Cellars Wine Club lets you send a thoughtful wine club gift that arrives once a month along with information on the wine and discount options for reorders. Not bad, especially if you like the idea of a gift that keeps on giving all year.

I recently had a chance to try out three different varieties during a taste-testing review of the clubís services. Which ones did I sample?

Huru Sauvignon Blanc: I found this to be a light white wine that would pair nicely with delicately seasoned fish. Best served chilled, this wine has a tropical fruit flavor without being too sweet.

Chateau Sainte Marie Bordeaux Blend: This wine was full-bodied without being too heavy. Iíd definitely serve this one with something meaty like broiled portabella caps or grilled lamb.

Abbey Page Pinot Noir: To be honest, Iím not exactly doing cartwheels over this one. There really isnít much complexity, but if you happen to get a bottle itíll be fine with a basic mid-week spaghetti dinner.

All in all, Iíd say that Cellars Wine Club offers a decent selection and is worth checking out for yourself or as a gift. That being said, I havenít had a chance to sign up for their mailing list yet. Have you had a chance to try them out? What was your experience?

Photo Credit: Cellars Wine Club

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