Vegan Mall Dining: Lunch at Johnny Rockets

While not one hundred percent meat and dairy free, we do try to keep them to a minimum for health and sustainability reasons. This is easier at home than when dining out, particularly when out and about running errands, which is a totally different scene than finding a vegan dinner date location. Errands need to occur where they need to occur, and that isn’t always next to a veg-friendly lunch establishment.

Recently, the folks at Johnny Rockets sent me a guest card to try out their menu. I stopped by this weekend, while at the Citrus Park mall shopping for a few business wardrobe replacement items. While not the most decadent veggie burger on the market, it was suitably burgerish. It was also a relief to have something on the menu of a chain restaurant without having to ask if something special could be made. I added sautéed mushrooms to mine for extra meatiness. As for the rest of the experience, the staff was friendly, the restaurant clean and the atmosphere retro.

I also appreciate the location of this particular Johnny Rockets. Not only is it in the food court, it’s right outside the movie theater, providing a last minute veg-friendly meal option before heading in to see my flick of choice.

Photo Credit: JimG944

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