Happy Hour Friday: Long Island Iced Tea Edition

This is definitely a “take the car keys from your guests” type of cocktail, or one to serve when all of your guests live within walking distance.

What you need:

˝ ounce vodka, ˝ ounce gin, ˝ ounce light rum, ˝ ounce tequila and the juice of half a lemon.

What you do:

Combine all of these ingredients and pour over ice. Add a dash of cola for coloring so that your cocktail will actually look like tea.

Cocktail pairing:

I’d recommend serving these drinks with some seriously sturdy fare such as homemade chicken drummies and steak fries. If all of your guests are in walking distance of your home, this would be a great happy hour menu to try for a neighborhood block party. This recipe is another one of our favorites from Mr. Boston.

Invitation: If you have a great cocktail or appetizer recipe to share, we’d be happy to list it with this week’s Happy Hour Friday edition in exchange for a courtesy link back. Just let us know!

Photo Credit: Alisdair

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