Happy Hour Friday: Champagne and Sherbet Punch Edition

Got a bridal shower coming up at work? This simple punch recipe is perfect for a low-stress office gathering.

What you need:

2 bottles chilled champagne, 1 bottle Sauterne, 1 32-ounce container of lemon or pineapple sherbet.

What you do:

Put the sherbet in the bottom of the punch bowl. Add the champagne and Sauterne. Garnish with lemon slices or pineapple wedges if desired.

Menu pairing:

Since I see this as more of a “girly” punch, I’m recommending you pair it with a small cake or some shortbread cookies for an after work bridal shower on a Friday afternoon.  This recipe is from the Mr. Boston bar guide.

Got another great cocktail or snack recipe suitable for our Happy Hour Friday theme? Let us know, and we’ll include your link.

Photo Credit: Lisa Eglinton

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