Happy Hour Friday: Wine and Cheese Edition

Getting together with friends after work today? Feeling the pinch of a busy schedule and the summer heat? Consider one of these simple pairings for todayís happy hour with friends menu.

What you need:

Red wine of choice, a wedge of Grana Padano, toothpicks.

What you do:

Pour the red wine into a suitable number of glasses for your gathering, and cut the Grana Padano into rustic cubes or chunks. Serve with toothpicks on a platter.

Additional suggestions:

†If you have a little more time, you might want to try an open-faced Italian sandwich on ciabatta bread with roasted or grilled Mediterranean vegetables and grated Grana Padano. For those who havenít had a chance to try it, Grana Padano is a wonderfully full-flavored grainy cheese produced in the Po Valley area of northern Italy. Iíve always remembered it fondly from when I lived there. I enjoy it with a pinot noir, or a glass of organic red wine. Pick a wine pairing that suits you and go for it. This is one of those menus you can pull together on the fly for a quick gathering on the balcony before heading out for a group event.

As always, we would love to feature your cocktail or appetizer recipes, as well as any bar reviews you may have written up. Basically anything happy hour related is fair game. We only ask for a reciprocal link.

Photo Credit: Lorelei

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