Happy Hour Friday: The Cherry Cooler Edition

Socializing with colleagues after work? This simple happy hour menu is sure to suit.

Welcome to this week’s edition of Happy Hour Friday, our weekly cocktail carnival for food and beverage bloggers. Those of you who have been participating all along know the drill. Either submit your article to me in advance, or use the automated linking widget below. Don’t forget to include a link to our carnival in your original article in order to be eligible. Those just joining us will want to check out the newcomer’s guide to Happy Hour Friday.

This week’s cocktail? A simple cherry cooler.

What you need:

Two ounces of cherry vodka, cola of choice, ice.

What you do:

Pour everything into a glass and stir.

This cocktail, workable with regular, diet and cherry colas, is particularly suited to low-stress office cocktails after five in work centers where this sort of thing is permissible. Pair with tortilla chips and guacamole for an affordable happy hour warm up before heading out for an off-Broadway play. This menu is a simple one to throw together because it requires few ingredients and no blending.  

We have some early submissions this week!

Chef Tom submitted this perfect pink punch recipe using raspberry rum.

Jordy Clements tossed his hat in the ring with his round up of college world series bars in Omaha.

Photo Credit: W.S. Stryder


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my recipe in this weeks post! :-)

  2. Absolutely, Thomas. Glad you were able to participate. Hope to see you here on future Happy Hour Friday editions.

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