Yard Larder: Dandelion Flower


Where I live, in rural Maine, the dandelion is not viewed as a yard intruder.  We don’t mind wildflowers popping up in our yards.  I shouldn’t speak for everyone, I guess, but I certainly don’t mind. I think they’re pretty, and thanks to a friend, see the flowers as a tasty appetizer, too.

Eat dandelion flowers? You bet!  Dandelion flowers are the basis for dandelion wine.  For a side dish, here’s a recipe for Dandelion Mushrooms that will surprise you with it’s flavor, which is reminiscent of friend mushrooms.  This is the basic recipe. Use your kitchen creativity to spice it up how you like.

Dandelion “Mushrooms”

15 dandelion flowers, rinsed in water, but still slightly moist
1/2 cup flour or cornmeal
Enough butter or oil to fry

The previous three ingredients are really all that’s needed for this treat, but if you’d like a battered version, here are those ingredients.

1 egg
1/4-1/3 cup milk (depending on how full you like batter)
1/2 cup flour

Heat the butter/oil in a heavy frying pan.
Dredge the moist flowers in flour, or dip in batter to cover.
Fry quickly, turning to brown all sides.

These are best hot, but are good no matter what. I add salt and pepper at least, sometimes cajun spice or cayenne pepper. Flex your creative muscles.

Photo credit: ugod

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