Money Saving Tips For Shoppers

$aving Money

With prices climbing and unemployment still high, saving money is a priority for most people. One excellent way to save money is with, a website run by three women who started with the premise of saving their families money. They’ve dedicated themselves to sharing their knowledge and money saving expertise with others as their spiritual calling. They run the TrueCouponing website as well as offering free couponing seminars in the Tampa Bay area.

To start with they say you should never pay full price for items such as paper towels, bathroom tissue or toothpaste as these are items that manufacturers always offer discounts on. They say that anyone can use these strategies with as little as thirty minutes a week and the weekly coupon fliers. Their website is a wealth of information and will get even the novice shopper excited and motivated to learn more about their money-saving tips and shopping strategies.

Their website, TrueCouponing breaks down deals store by store and teaches visitors how to shop strategically using grocery store sale cycles in conjunction with the weekly coupon circulars and BOGO deals. They offer free Couponing Seminars throughout the Tampa Bay area, you can sign up on their website.

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