Laundry Products Give Away Contest

Happy Monday, We Be Sharin’ readers! With all the talk of going green with my laundry this summer, I thought it was high time for a product give away. Read on to find out how you can enter to win some cool great laundry products (including infrastructure like a portable line and clothes basket) this week!

As you saw in my green laundry video report, things went pretty well (give or take a couple of challenges) with June’s summer laundry challenge. As a follow up, we’re hosting a give away here on We Be Sharin’ to celebrate laundry. The prize donations are from Seventh Generation, the same company that provided the tools and products for the laundry challenge we conducted here at We Be Sharin’ headquarters (my back yard and laundry room).

What’s in the prize pack:

  • 1 bottle of Seventh Generation concentrated laundry liquid (good for over sixty loads).
  • 1 portable laundry clothesline
  • 1 package of wooden clothespins
  • 1 collapsible natural-fiber clothes basket with wooden handles and waterproof liner

Contest details:

  • Leave a comment below with your email (unpublished) by Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. EST.
  • Your comment should tell us either a laundry horror story.
  • I’ll run the entries through a random number generator at the end of the week to select a winner.

That’s it, We Be Sharin’ fans! Good luck to all the participants. I can’t wait to read your laundry horror stories. I’ve got a few doosies in my personal story archives myself, including the time I turned my lumberjack father’s long underwear pink when I forgot to take a strawberry lip balm out of my work clothes when doing laundry as a teenager.

Photo Credit: Noodles and Beef


  1. Louise says:

    I am a fanatic about separating laundry and using the correct products for each type of fabric.
    When I was in the hospital having our third child, my husband thought he would help me out
    and he hired a friend’s mother to do some light house work. I had placed a fuschia spin art t-shirt
    my daughter had made at the bottom of her dirty clothes bag, planning to wash it separately by
    hand when I had a few extra minutes. My friend’s mom dumped the dirty clothes bag contents in
    with our white laundry and all of our whites turned bright pink!

  2. Jackie says:

    I am a litle neurotic about separating my laundry appropriately. One day, my daughter, a college student, was helping me and I had just a few things left but included reds, whites, darks, lights, etc. She egged me on and convinced me (against my better judgement) to throw them all in one load and be done. She was quite convinced this was ok based on her laundry experiences. As you can imagine, everything had a lovely shade of pink when it was done.

  3. Congratulations to Jackie, our laundry products winner! Jackie, I’ll be emailing you with the details so we can get your prize package on the way.

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