Yard Larder: Dandelion Greens


Many people have a love/hate relationship with dandelions. Some of us consider them wildflowers; others, a weed.  I’m in the former category.  I like to look at them…and I like to eat them! As far as  nutrition is concerned, dandelion greens rate pretty high with respectable daily percentage values of iron and calcium, and off-the-chart values for Vitamins A and K.

The dandelion is the first edible of spring. The first greens of spring are the most delicious. Dandelion greens have a slightly bitter note and, as summer progresses and the plant grows and flowers, the bitterness increases. They’re not unpalatable, and the flowers are edible, too, but I’m partial to those first, pre-bloom greens.

The greens can be eaten raw in a salad or braised, boiled, or otherwise cooked as a side vegetable.  If you’re not sure, just walk out to your yard, pick one leaf, and eat it!

Photo credit: lollyknit

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