Happy Hour Friday: A Guide for Newcomers

This introduction to Happy Hour Friday provides the basic (and easy) ground rules for weekly participation.

Basically, this will be the resource we link to every week from the date-specific, happy hour themed blog carnival so those joining for the first time will have an easy checklist. It’s also our advance “press page” if you will, so those we’re inviting for the launch will know what to expect for our first carnival edition on June 25, 2010.

Each Friday, you can go to the We Be Sharin’ home page and find the carnival article in the left-hand column, or choose “Happy Hour Friday” from the drop down categories menu in the site’s top tool bar. Click on the article title for that week’s edition, and add the link to your blog post in the Simply Linked widget provided.  That’s it.

The Rules:

It has to be a happy hour related post. That means a cocktail recipe, photo article of a cool drink you had on the road, a wine or beer review, a bar review or even a post on your favorite appetizer / snack / munchies of choice to enjoy during a happy hour get together.

We ask that you provide the courtesy of a link back to this carnival edition from your submitted article.

Who’s Welcome:

Cocktail bloggers, work at home folks, entertainment writers and bar reviewers are welcome as well as anyone else with a cocktail post they’d like exposure for. Basically anybody who feels adding a happy hour post to their blog or web site fits in with their content parameters in some way. Travel writers and photographers are also among the list of folks that likely have an image or cocktail / bar review in their repertoire. It doesn’t even have to be a new article. Feel free to submit one from your archives if you feel it’s worthy.

Don’t forget to leave a comment after you add your link, and stop by again every Friday to meet new bloggers and get more ideas for happy hour so you can unwind after a difficult week.

Photo Credit: Ugg Boy

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