Product Review: Michael Angeloís Eggplant Cutlets

Eggplant Cutlet (Club Store)

Processed food products arenít high on my list of grocery items to buy. I can find just as much convenience in a shrimp and snow pea stir fry as I can a frozen pasta bake. Every once in a while however, I run across something that actually catches my attention.

Weíve been reducing our meat intake at our house lately, and looking for simple ways to do so. We love hot sandwiches as a quick dinner and are both fans of Italian food. Iíve also taken the time on my own before to slice eggplants into rounds and individually bread them for freezer storage. Total pain in the neck.† So when I saw the large boxes of these eggplant cutlets at my local warehouse club, I decided to try them out.

While the fact that they are preservative and trans fat free didnít hurt, the main thing that convinced me to purchase them was the time Iíd spent previously trying to make these ahead of time before on my own. The restaurant size box has less than half the packaging as a three-pack of frozen pizzas and more than twice as many meals. Granted, I usually buy these with a large package of long wheat sub rolls from the warehouse store and a three-pack of organic tomato pasta sauce. Still way less money when compared meal to meal though, and extremely convenient.

These turn into eggplant subs for us so quickly it isnít even funny. You could also use whole wheat hamburger buns and make these a type of meatless Italian burger option for the kids. My warehouse store carries them for between ten and twelve dollars a pop for the extra large box. Iíve been purchasing them consistently for a few months now, and theyíve turned into my main go-to convenience item since they allow me to whip up dinner in less than ten minutes with virtually no cleanup.

Personal verdict? Two thumbs up.

Note: I was not provided a sample of this product. I purchased it on my own and we continue to enjoy it at our house, which is why I felt it was worthy of a thorough review here on our lifestyle blog. I did contact the product rep for Michael Angeloís to request an image to use for this post, which they did provide.

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  1. Dorie Dobbins says:

    I live here in Orlando, FL. I love Michael Angelo’s Eggplant cutlets. B.J.’s where I shop used to carry them. Now they have some other brand and they are not as tasty or as good. I also shop at Publix’s and they do not carry them either. They do however have the parmesean but I really like the cutlets.
    The B J’s I shop at is on Lake Underhill here in Orlando, FL and I sure do wish they would start carrying them again. I even tried Costco in Winter Park. So my question is can you please tell me where I can purchase them????

    Thank you,
    Dorie Dobbins
    in Orlando, Fl

  2. Hi Dorie,

    We purchase ours at Sam’s Club.

  3. Mary says:

    Looking for the It. breaded eggplant cutlets, shop at BJ Newark De. changed brand to Dominex, not good, anyone know where I can buy in this area

  4. Hi Mary,

    Sam’s Club and Costco are the two main places I buy these. Some grocery stores carry them, but I find the price best at the bulk rate.

  5. p ryan says:

    The Michael Angelo’s Eggplant Cutlets have finally returned to BJ’s. I really did not not like the Dominex. We had them for dinner tonight but they tasted more bland than they used to. I hope this is not the case, as they were perfect before. I almost started shopping at Sam’s Club just to buy them.

  6. Hi P Ryan,

    I have some in my freezer right now, and haven’t noticed a taste difference. I’m crossing my fingers like you that it isn’t a recipe shift, because they are one of the few convenience foods we buy.

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