Downsizing Clutter Sanely


This is part two  in series on downsizing clutter.

I admit the process of downsizing and removing clutter can be daunting. Yes, let’s be honest. Your clutter didn’t accumulate overnight and it’s not going to depart your house in one night either. It’s a step by step process. How can you  sanely downsize clutter and those excess belongings without losing your mind  or being bogged down in,  ” Where do I start?”

Here are my tips for Downsizing Sanely.

Start with one small area so you can feel successful. That first success will give you a freeing feeling.

Build on that small success and move to a second  spot and clear the excess clutter.

Use Peter Walsh’s three bag theory. One bag for trash, one bag for donations/recycling and one for items to put back into the drawer/cabinet or closet.

Peter Walsh’s Ten Tips to De-clutter Your Home

Keep a list of charities and donation centers on the refrigerator or bulletin board where you will see them. (Refer to my first article for the websites.)

Find a friend or family member willing to help you. Friends keep your spirits up and offer support and laughter in the midst of clearing clutter.

Be honest, What do you really need to save? Ditch what you don’t.

Clutter represents stagnate energy in Feng Shui. Clearing space allows a place for new people, situation and opportunities in your life.

Clearing the clutter feels good.  It makes opening drawers, cupboards and garages a positive experience. It allows unwanted items to find a new home where they’ll be truly needed and thats a good feeling for everyone!

Photo Credit: Rubber Maid

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