Downsizing Your Clutter

This is part one of a two part series on downsizing clutter with a purpose.

 Most of us reach a point when we own more belongings than we want.  In this time of economic downturn re-purposing and donating items to worthy charities is beneficial to all of us. It helps those in need and helps our planet while ridding us of undesired clutter.

My home is pretty organized, but even I have closets and spots in my garage where clutter seems to multiply. Today I opened the closet in my office and thought, “ugh!” So how do we realistically reduce our clutter and do it in a way that helps others? One excellent option is Habitat for Humanity. They accept donations of building supplies and remodeling items. Most of us have taken on at least one home project and ended up with some extra supplies taking up valuable space. Habitat for Humanity picks up  donations and uses the supplies to help those in need. Its a  great way to downsize clutter while doing something to help others.

Here’s  a list of possible charities for donations.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Outlets

Church Thrift Shops

Community Thrift Shops


Salvation Army


Best Buy (Collects used cell phones to dispose of properly.)

Home Depot in Pinellas County is currently participating in a monthly drop off for household chemicals and electronics. Check with your local location to see when they are offering drop offs.)

Recycling and Disposing of Paint

A list of places to sell your excess clutter.

Craigs List


Garage Sales

Take downsizing a bit at a time. Start small and build on your successes. Begin with a single closet, drawer or cabinet. Taking that first small step leaves you feeling a sense of accomplishment that will propel you forward to reduce clutter in another area.

Photo Credit: Cleaning The Attic

Cleaning The Attic of Clutter

Cleaning The Attic of Clutter

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