Re-purposing Furniture and Thrift Store Finds

So many of us have items sitting in our garages and closets that we once loved or longer have the space for. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of our taste changing or our boredom with the same decor schemes year after year.

 A friend of mine recently fell in love with painting and re-purposing items. She finds treasures at thrift stores and gives them new life with paint, jewels and creativity. She finds the process of discovering treasures amid junk fun and finds the re purposing with paint, love and jewels relaxing. She works toward the goal of a day long craft show to sell her re purposed treasures.

Giving New Life to Thrift Store Furniture

Giving New Life to Thrift Store Furniture

For those of you with odds and ends piling up in the closet and garage you can now look at them with a different eye. Would you feel differently about that mirror if it shimmered with a high gloss black paint? What about the neglected wicker chair, would a crisp coat of white paint and a throw cushion dress it up and give new life to your porch? For those of you just wanting relief from the clutter donate your items to a local thrift shop and allow them to be discovered and loved by another.

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