The Well Fed Writer: Special Feature on Peter Bowerman


Three months ago I learned about Peter Bowerman and his book The Well Fed Writer. He has become a commercial freelance expert, with his experience, freelance history, ebook, ezine, seminars and teleseminars.

His book is an excellent resource. He  takes writers step by step through the process of creating a commercial freelance business. His book states that if you follow his plan you can be making a living within four to six months in commercial freelance. When he began he was making a living and paying his bills with commercial freelance  jobs within four months.

His website The Well Fed Writer, his ezine and free newsletter all  offer tons of great tips and in addition you can sign up for seminars and get more personalized assistance.

I’m game to try it. I’m already a writer, I have a website and write for several others. Writing is not rocket science for me, but his strategies, methods and tips are all new to me. So I’m embarking on this journey and seeing where it takes me. I bought his book and have read most of it. I have even reread several chapters. He is well spoken and simplifies things for those of us who are new to this kind of freelance work. If you’re interested in working from home and like the idea of doing commercial freelance work check out his book. It is money well spent.

For other tips on working from home check out Carving Out Your Command Center by Myscha Theriault.

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