Passive Income Sources for Writers: An E-Book Review


Think writing is a personal easy pass to overnight success? Think again. You can make a decent living at it however, if you use your writing skills to develop a variety of products that will produce passive income for you in the long term.

Overwhelmed? Thursday Bram breaks it all down in her new e-book on the subject. Private label writing, self syndication, e-books and subscription content are just some of the strategies she covers.

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The Freelance Writerís Guide to Passive Income is broken down into easy-to-follow sections with bullet-pointed reference lists and specific success stories for the various income strategies being suggested. Priced at $27, itís a huge value considering all of the inside tips and resources Bram provides. Click here to purchase The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Passive Income.

While this book is designed as a resource for writers who are only beginning to explore the passive income sources they will choose to supplement their freelance income, this writer managed to pick up a trick or two about repackaging prior work for resale.

Thursday Bram is also the author of Market Your Freelance Writing in 31 Days. You can find more of her work and writing advice at

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