Part Two of The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered

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This is part two in a series of The Best Work at Home Strategies I’ve Discovered.

 *Be Reasonable

Don’t expect too much of yourself or burn yourself out. Taking breaks and taking care of your body and spirit make you more effective when you are working. Be realistic about what you can accomplish and create a realistic time frame for goals. Be willing to readjust as you  become more familiar with the process.

*Have a Support Network

Connect with colleagues and friends who do similar things and share your experiences and brainstorm. Having a buddy to call when you are feeling frustrated or challenged by your new work situation is critical. When you’re ready be a mentor to another that is on your same path. I talk regularly to my friend Susan who is a starting her own work from home business. We have some of the same goals and we’ve been friends for years.  We have this natural  in sync feeling with each other. She knows when I need a call, and I know when she needs a  call. We pick up the phone and support one another.

*Have a Fall Back Income/Plan

No matter who you are or what you plan to do the money isnt likely to magically appear the first day you start working,  so you need  to have a plan for getting from point A to point B with your at home career. Either you have money set aside to see you through, or you are are working part time away from the home while you create the income you desire from your at home work. Either way plan ahead and be aware of the challenges.

Originally I wasn’t thrilled about working part time while writing from home. For a time I only wrote and then financially things were taking longer than anticipated so I started working a flexible, part time job. What I soon discovered was that that the job became a blessing. I made some great friends, I got out of the house a certain number of hours a week and I interacted with real people in a real way, rather than in a cyber world way. Okay, it isn’t thrilling every day, but then neither is working at home I can assure you! It takes a balance and for me, being single having a bit of both is the best option at this time in my life. If I had to work only from my computer, here at home alone twenty-four/seven I would go stir crazy. I need to connect with people in the every day world and mix it up.

Every person works differently and each situation is unique but some basic strategies can move  us forward and I believe these have helped me work more efficiently from home. I hope they’ll do the same for you.

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